How simply can you describe MQ?

Came across this XKCD graphic, trying to describe the Apollo 5 rocket using just the most common 1000 words in English. Which has led to this page, allowing you to try to express an idea with the same limitations.

So I started to wonder about how to explain MQ, and quickly found that “message” is not in the permitted list. It could be made easier if there were a linked thesaurus, but that takes some of the fun away.

I did get as far as “conversation between computers can continue even when one not running”.


One thought on “How simply can you describe MQ?


    …bene bene ”burocratizziamo l’olio (lo hanno già deciso con il nome assurdo ”DOP” che fa quasi paura o peggio ”FA RIBREZZO” pronunciare tale parola (cos’è ..una marca di detersivo??)..tanto ”L’EXTRA” RIMANE SEMPRE QUELLO A 1,99 ”PERIODICO” !


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