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When just in time inventory fails

So on my MQ travels this week, I elected to drive to visit a customer.  Typically driving to a customer who is less than 200 miles away is faster and with less hassle then flying (Take off your shoes!  Put your laptop in a bin! Bend over!).  Or so I believed.

Beliefs are meant to be tested, and mine were.

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“Open” is not a good instruction at 35000′

Returning from SHARE over the weekend, I was sitting in the exit row of a 777. There are emergency doors just in front of these seats which gives plenty of legroom.

Emergency Exit on 777

Emergency Exit on 777

About half-way across the Atlantic I was woken by a woman who was trying to follow the instruction written on this door. I had to point out rather loudly that this was NOT the door to the lavs…

Everyone should know that these doors cannot actually open when in flight because of the pressure differential. But I still didn’t like the idea of testing the theory.